Wednesday, 18 December 2013


In our life we are having different type of goals at different stages.

 For example during childhood days we except many things from our parents,some of them were fulfilled. 

During our younger days we are dreaming about our studies and to get a job which is paying higher.

 During middle ages we want to become a family man , so we  marry a girl and  get children.

 Afterwards we work hard to  brought  our children but also to improve our   image in the society.

 Only during the later stages of our life we realize that we don't know what we really want.

 We search for everything , our dreams are changing but even it is fulfilled,  we are not satisfied with these things. Then we finally fall into the prey of depression.

 How to avoid this?

 How to find what is actually required for us.

 Nobody can tell to you .

 You only actually find it from your inner world. 

Your aim should be in line with the nature. 

Over expectations  not only drain your energy but also put you into depression.

 But at the same time you have to thing big.

 Thinking big and over expectations are at two ends of a rope.

 Know the difference between them. 

Good bye.